The Business Benefits

Tabriz agent products enable businesses to move beyond simply offering static content on a passive network. The products allow them to offer active, full-service network applications for both internal and external users. By making active, agent-based services available, businesses can:

General Magic's Tabriz agent products are the only products currently available that deliver on the full spectrum of end user and developer requirements: active, persistent, and secure agents; and powerful, easy-to-use development tools.

For businesses, these new capabilities translate into higher productivity for end users and developers, an enhanced reputation for innovative customer service, and a competitive edge that results in higher profitability.

For More Information

Technical information about Tabriz AgentWare, Tabriz Agent Tools, and the Telescript language is available on the General Magic Web site:

You can also send a request for additional details to, or call 1-888-266-5873.

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