The Strategy:

Foster Ubiquity by Facilitating Development Efforts

Tabriz is the breakthrough technology that can transform passive networks into active business resources. To maximize the benefits of Tabriz agent technology for both businesses and end users, it is important to maximize the presence of Tabriz AgentWare engines and applications on the Internet.

While single Tabriz AgentWare engines can be used to create and deliver exciting new customer services on their own, the synergies between multiple cooperative Tabriz AgentWare engines and mobile agents create a whole new class of capabilities: transactive applications.

When multiple sites incorporate Tabriz technology, agents can actually conduct complete transactions on behalf of their clients rather than simply retrieve information. For example, an application could leverage multiple Tabriz sites to ascertain fastest availability for a new camera, purchase and pay for the camera, and arrange for shipment--all within the user's approved parameters, all automatically.

To encourage the ubiquity of Tabriz AgentWare engines that these advanced applications require, General Magic is strongly committed to facilitating development efforts for Tabriz applications. We will start by building a strong presence in selected application areas, and to expand the reach of Tabriz technology gradually on a more general level. The products and programs below are aimed at helping us achieve our goal of focused ubiquity.

Outstanding Development Products: Tabriz Agent Tools

General Magic has made it easy for developers to create next-generation active applications quickly and efficiently. The Tabriz Agent Tools development contains everything developers need to generate powerful active services. Developers who write in C++, or any object-oriented language, will be prepared to start developing active applications with Tabriz Agent Tools. As experienced Telescript programmers, they'll spend significantly less time creating active, persistent Tabriz applications than they would developing applications with other languages.

Developer Marketing Programs

General Magic will help developers promote their products via the company's Web site ( General Magic will post developer press releases, spec sheets, and product descriptions, and host demo software. Developers participating in the program will also have access to future development tools and updated technical information from the company's Web site and mailing lists.

The Vertical Greenhouse Program

Developers can form an even closer relationship with General Magic through this program, which provides direct technical support, marketing assistance, and special support services.

Advanced Prototyping and Development Services

Established developers who have created products with commercial feasibility or who have developed a particularly interesting use of Tabriz technology may qualify for advanced prototyping and development assistance from General Magic. Senior engineers can help with deployment of a Tabriz site or provide custom engineering services to quickly prototype and deploy Tabriz applications.

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