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"If e-mail is the killer app of the Net,
General Magic's new Magic Cap for Windows 95
may be the killer app of e-mail."

-- Newsweek, 14 October 1996
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About General Magic
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Magic Cap

With Magic Cap, it's simple to prepare, track and follow-up on important messages with the integrated Name card file, Telecards, Datebook, Filing Cabinet and more.
Presto!Mail and Presto!Links
Send and receive Internet Email and surf the Web from your Magic Cap communicator.
Magic Cap Personal Communicators
Communicate with the world and organize your life with ease using our innovative Magic Cap software on a handheld device.
Magic Cap for Windows 95
The easiest, all-in-one email, fax, Internet access and personal organizer for Windows 95 is now here.
Magic Cap Upgrades
General Magic provides a variety of free upgrades for both Magic Cap and Presto!Mail and Presto!Links.

Tabriz and Telescript

Transform your passive network into an active business advantage. Tabriz AgentWare and Tabriz Agent Tools give you the advantage of active, persistent, secure agents.
Tabriz AgentWare
Web software for executing and managing agent-based applications.
Tabriz Agent Tools
Developer tools for the creation of agent-based applications to be deployed at Tabriz Web Sites.

The Internet Community

General Magic is committed to serving the Internet community through its technologies and initiatives. Take a look at the latest Internet trends, or read what Jim White has to say about common agent platforms.

Developer Resources

Register for General Magic's Magic Cap Workbench '96.

General Magic's online developer resources include documentation for Magic Cap, Tabriz and Telescript.
General Magic University offers classes on developing for General Magic products.

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