Developing for Magic Cap and Telescript

What's here

Last Revised: 9/9/1996

General Magic provides two technologies that make fantastic development platforms: Magic Cap and Telescript. This page provides development information and technical resources for our platforms.

Magic Cap Developer Resources

Last Updated: 9/9/1996

These pages provide in-depth technical information for Magic Cap developers. Updates to tools and sample code are also available.

NEW: The Magic Internet Kit helps you quickly and easily write communicating applications for Magic Cap! Check it out!

Telescript Developer Resources

Last Updated: 4/22/1996

These pages offer documentation,updates to tools and and other interesting things for Telescipt developers.

General Magic University

Interested in learning about programming for Magic Cap or Telescript? General Magic University has some great classes to help you along. Look here for the fall/winter class schedule.

Email Discussion Lists

This is an archive of several mailing lists dedicated to General Magic's Magic Cap and Telescript technologies. You can browse the contents of each list by date, or use the web site's search engine to find things that you're interested in.

Other Development-related Web Sites

Be sure to check out these other sites for more information on development tools, communicators, and freeware.