Magic Cap Developer Resources


Last Revised: 5/15/1996

What's here

This page is a brief overview of what you need for starting Magic Cap development. It starts at the beginning with tools, and then continues on to discuss documentation, updates, support, and the Magic Cap developer program.

For more technical information, see our Magic Cap Documentation pages.

Development Environment and Tools

Getting Started

Magic Cap development is currently done with Macintosh computers using CodeWarrior Gold by Metrowerks. Metrowerks is a leading provider of quality development tools for Macintosh, Magic Cap, and other platforms.

CodeWarrior Gold includes two sets of tools that developers can use: the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW). Developers can use either set of tools for application development, but the MPW tools have additional features not yet present in the IDE. Be sure to check out the Metrowerks web site for more information on their Magic Cap tools.

Here's what you need for writing Magic Cap applications:


Metrowerks provides periodic updates to their CodeWarrior product, and we also provide various updates to our tools and documentation. Be sure to take a look at both of these pages if you're hunting for the latest and greatest in tools and docs.

Where to go now


Now that you've got the tools, it's time to get your hands dirty. There are several books available for Magic Cap development, and we'll briefly describe a few of them. Many are even online in their full glory!

Magic Cap Programmer's Cookbook

Barry Boone's Cookbook is a fantastic hands-on book for learning Magic Cap programming. We would strongly recommend a copy for anyone starting out with Magic Cap development. Even experienced programmers will probably learn a few tricks from it. The Cookbook comes complete with sample code on CD-ROM, and it should be available from local resellers (Published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. ISBN 0-201-40953-4).

Magic Cap Concepts

Concepts is a topic-based book on developing Magic Cap applications. It's an essential book for both beginning and advanced topics. The full text is available online, and Metrowerks sells paper copies as well.

Magic Cap Class and Method Reference

The Class and Method Reference is a class-based book that discusses many Magic Cap object classes in detail. Like Concepts, the Reference is essential and is available in full text online. Metrowerks also sells paper copies.

Magic Cap in Depth

Magic Cap in Depth is a collection of documents on advanced topics related to Magic Cap development. These documents were written by members of General Magic's Developer Technical Services group to aid developers that really wanted to get their hands dirty.

Like tools, new documentation and updates are available from our web site. Additionally, the Magic Cap Developer Resources page has special topic pages like the Features page that contain additional and late-breaking information.

Sample Code

Now that you know where the documentation is, you'll probably also want to look at sample code. CodeWarrior Gold comes with our complete library of DTS sample code, and you can always find the newest stuff on our Sample Code web page. The samples provide a starting foundation for many types of applications, and they also show tricks for many types of problems you may encounter.

Bowser Pro

Bowser Pro is a class browser that is included with the Magic Cap development environment. It is extremely useful, so we thought it deserved it's own heading on this page. Bowser can show you the definitions of all of the different Magic Cap classes, and it can do some fancy searches to help you find what you are looking for. Be sure to check it out!


Metrowerks provides technical support to all registered owners of CodeWarrior, and you can email them at Additionally, there are a number of mailing lists and the comp.sys.os.magic-cap newsgroup for Magic Cap users and developers.

General Magic Developer Program

General Magic has a developer program for developers creating highly technical, leading edge Magic Cap products. Take a look at the developer program web page for more information.