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Last Revised: 5/15/1996

General Magic has created a set of technical books that document Magic Cap and related subjects. This page describes these books and additional web-based documents for developers.

Magic Cap Concepts

Magic Cap Concepts presents the principles of Magic Cap software and explains how its various class families and subsystems work.

Class and Method Reference

Read Magic Cap Class and Method Reference for in-depth descriptions of classes and methods provided by Magic Cap that are significant for software package developers.

Magic Cap in Depth

Magic Cap in Depth is a collection of documents that describe certain topics of interest in great detail.

Questions and Answers

The Question and Answer section addresses many common questions on a wide variety of topics.

Sample Code

This page contains the source code for sample applications written by members of Deveoper Technical Services.

Guide to CodeWarrior Magic

Guide to CodeWarrior Magic describes the tools you'll use to develop your own packages and discusses the package development cycle.