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Last Revised: 6/10/1996

What's here

This page is dedicated to providing you with the most up to date tools and documentation available. The most recent updates will always be at the top of the list so you can easily check for new stuff. Note that you may need to select "Save Next Link" from your browser to download archives.

In addition to this page, be sure to check out the Metrowerks Magic Cap Tools web pages for CodeWarrior-specific fixes that we might miss.

Download tool and matching nubs for MacOS 7.5.2 and later

Last Updated: 6/10/1996
Archive size: 74K (stuffed and binhexed)

This version of the Download tool is required for developing on Macintosh computers running System 7.5.2 and later. To install this tool, copy it and the included nubs into your MagicDeveloper:Tools: folder. This tool and nubs work on both 68K based Macs and PowerMacs.

Fixed DownloadROMImage script

Last Updated: 6/10/1996
Archive size: 3K (stuffed and binhexed)

The DownloadROMImage script shipping with CodeWarrior 9 has a few bugs in it, and this replacement fixes those bugs. To install the new script, drop it into your MagicDeveloper:Scripts: folder.

ROMEquates for Envoy upgraded to Magic Cap 1.5

Last Updated: 5/30/1996

If you have one of the original Motorola Envoy devices that was upgraded to Magic Cap 1.5, you'll need this file for Telebug debugging on the device. Instructions are included for where to install the file.

Magic Xchange SDK

Last Updated: 2/14/1996

Intellilink, the creators of Magic Xchange, have an SDK that enables developers to support Magic Xchange importing and exporting in their Magic Cap applications. The SDK is available here for both Macintosh and PC platforms.

"Convert {Indexicals} to iNames" AppleScript update

Last Updated: 1/26/1996
Archive size: 17K (stuffed and binhexed)

The "Convert {Indexicals} to iNames" AppleScript for the IDE tools had a slight flaw in it, and this new script fixes the problem. Previously, it was possible that the script would incorrectly covert an unknown {Indexical} to an incorrect iName instead of leaving it alone.

Older Archives

This page contains older updates that may only be of marginal use. Any items that drop off of the main updates page will end up here for a while longer before they are removed from the Developer Resources site.