Magic Cap Programmer's Cookbook

"The integration of practical samples, addressing questions developers are bound to ask, and continual emphasis on Magic Cap UI design make it simply fantastic. Count me in for several copies; whenever someone starts working in my vicinity, I usually teach them some Magic Cap programming basics. With this book, I'll just be able to loan them a copy and they will have packages up and running in a few hours."

--Josh Carter, General Magic Developer Technical Support

General Magic's Magic Cap software environment for personal intelligent communicators, such as the Sony Magic Link and the Motorola Envoy, provides a new way of thinking about software, and new opportunities for software developers. With the Magic Cap Programmer's Cookbook, you'll get expert advice on how to put together all the available ingredients to create exciting Magic Cap software. The author provides step-by-step instructions that walk you through the creation of several useful applications, and prepares you to build your own original software packages.

The enclosed CD-ROM contains a special version of Metrowerks CodeWarrior(tm) Magic Cap Development Kit. With this development environment and the in-depth instructions, tips, and advice from the book, you'll soon be mixing together the right elements to develop useful, creative, commercial-quality applications for Magic Cap communicators.

BARRY BOONE is a software author, writer, and consultant in the areas of pen-based software and mobile environments. He bears the distinction of being a certified Magic Cap instructor and application developer for General Magic.

Published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. ISBN 0-201-40953-4

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