Magic Cap Developer Resources


Last Revised: 5/15/1996

What's here

These pages are dedicated to providing Magic Cap developers with up to date information, documentation, and tools. Check out the Features page for the newest and coolest additions.

Development Overview

This document discusses some of the essential topics that developers want to know about before developing for Magic Cap. Included are discussions of the development platform, documentation, and support.

Web Site Features

This page highlights certain areas of the developer resources site that are new and cool. Check this page often to keep up to date on new and updated stuff!

Technical Documentation

These pages contain online versions of several developer books about Magic Cap. Additionally, you can read in-depth articles on selected topics and get the latest sample code.

Tools Updates

This page contains the latest and greatest updates to the Magic Cap development tools. These updates complement the CodeWarrior Gold environment used to develop Magic Cap applications.