MagicLink Magic Cap is our award-winning communicating applications platform. Magic Cap software was designed to keep you in touch by easily integrating electronic mail, fax, infrared beaming and other methods of communicating -- including the first portable, full-featured graphical Web browser. Built into the world's leading personal communicators , Magic Cap is the hottest mobile technology available. Check out the cool freeware and third-party software available, or browse through our selection of user and developer books .

Magic Cap Hardware
Magic Cap runs on some of the world's leading personal communicators. This link will tell you which handhelds are available, and how you can order your very own.

Magic Cap Application Software
Check out great add-on software for Magic Cap communicators from our outstanding group of third-party developers. This space is updated constantly, so be sure to check back for new product listings!

Magic Cap Freeware
With utilities, development tools and lots of other cool stuff, our Magic Cap Freeware link is packed full of useful software for your handheld communicator.

Magic Cap Books
Learn how to get the most out of your Magic Cap software with this informative resource section.

Developer Profiles
Many third-party developers have created great products for the Magic Cap platform.