Presto!Mail and Presto!Links software offer's mobile Internet e-mail access and Web browsing. Presto!Mail integrates into the Magic Cap® platform and provides connectivity to standard Internet mail systems that support POP3 and SMTP. Presto!Mail also provides access to mailboxes at existing Service Providers and corporate mail servers supporting POP access. Presto!Mail includes intelligent mail handling.

Presto!Links supports graphics, text, and forms and provides standard browser features such as bookmarks for quick access to favorite URLs and caching to quickly go back to a page.

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Presto!Mail brings direct Internet e-mail access to the Magic Cap platform. With Presto!Mail, you can access existing personal or corporate Internet mailboxes, bringing the ease of desktop Internet e-mail to your personal communicator. Presto!Mail's tight integration with the Magic Cap environment provides an easy-to-use interface for sending and receiving mail, managing Internet mailboxes, and more. Presto!Mail enables you to fully utilize the Magic Cap environment to send sound, graphics and applications to other Presto!Mail users anywhere on the Internet!

Presto!Mail's 1.5 upgrade brings significant new features to your communicator:

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Presto!Links is a full-featured, graphical World Wide Web browser designed to bring the power of the Internet to Magic Cap Communicators. Presto!Links uses Presto!Works mechanisms to equip communicators quickly and easily for mobile Web access.

Presto!Links works with PPP-based Internet Service Providers to access the Web wherever a personal communicator goes. All that's needed is a working phone line to navigate the Web from a personal communicator, including hypertext links and full graphical access.

Presto!Links features include:

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