Magic Cap Software

A wide range of software and hardware peripherals are available for all Magic Cap devices:


Magic America

America Online provides a customized edition of its popular service for Magic Cap communicators. Subscribers have access to affordable, easy-to-use services, including email and top news as well as stock quote and portfolio information. Subscribers can locate these services through the America Online building in the Downtown area of Magic Cap.

Price: monthly rates

Distribution: bundled in Sony MagicLink

Personal Messaging for the Envoy

Ardis Personal Messaging is a wireless two-way messaging service for mobile work groups that require real-time, cost-effective wireless communications. The service is designed to address the needs of work groups in all industries, from large corporations to small businesses.

Ardis Personal Messaging provides its users with a wealth of wireless capabilities:

-Two way messaging that lets any subscriber exchange messages wirelessly with other Ardis Personal Messaging subscribers on wireless communicators or personal computers.

-Alpha Numeric paging that sends messages to subscribers from any touch-tone telephone. Both touch-tone numeric pages and operator-assisted alpha-numeric pages can be sent by dialing 800-55ARDIS.

-Wireless fax messages that can be sent to any fax machine in the U.S.

Ardis Personal Messaging offers Fully Automatic Nationwide Roaming, which eliminates extra roaming costs and call-forwarding procedures. Also, with the service's "sender pays" pricing, users pay only to send a message; the receiver pays nothing.

Price: variable rates

Distribution: (800) OK-ARDIS

Mobile Products

QuickLink gives users easy, remote access to their corporate QuickMail server. The software enables users to selectively retrieve summaries or full messages, the agility to reply to and forward messages and allow origination of new messages. Messages received via QuickLink can be forwarded over Internet and other messaging systems.

Price: $89.95

Distribution: available from Mobile Products (800) 780-0674

Two-way Wireless Messaging Service for the Envoy

RadioMail Two-way Wireless Messaging Service provides reliable wireless message delivery for Motorola's Envoy personal wireless communicator. The Envoy device comes equipped with everything you need to communicate without wires, all you need to do is subscribe to the RadioMail service. With RadioMail, information is delivered to your Envoy communicator instantly, finding you as you travel around town, or around the country. You never have to stop and connect to a telephone line or log-on. Electronic messages can be sent and received, fax messages delivered, and news information retrieved - in airports, taxi cabs, hotel rooms - anywhere, anytime, over the air.

Price: monthly rates

Distribution: to order call (415) 286-7800 or send a message to

River Run Software Group
Mail on the Run!

Mail on the Run! provides wireless and wireline access to many popular LAN e-mail systems, including cc: Mail, Microsoft Mail, Netware MHS-based mail, and Notes Mail. Users will be able to send and receive mail, reply to messages, as well as forward, store, and delete messages.

Mail on the Run! for Magic Cap is consistent with Magic Cap's mail metaphor, reflecting its friendliness and ease of use. Simply add the appropriate e-mail stamp(s) to your name card and the name cards of people with whom you want to communicate, and you're ready to go.

When you are ready to send an e-mail message, touch the postcard on the desk, select the recipient's name from the Address Book, indicate the mail system you want by tapping on the stamp, and then fill in the subject and message on the card. Except for the new mail stamp, everything else on the screen is the same as when you send any type of Magic Cap mail.

Price: Call for pricing information

Distribution: Mail on the Run! is available from River Run Software Group and authorized resellers. For more information about Mail on the Run! and River Run Software Groups other products, please contact Robert N. Perry, phone: 203 861-0090; fax: 203 861-0096; E-mail: 72662.3247 and

River Run Software Group
Magic Connection Terminal Emulator

The Magic Connection Terminal Emulator package is a communications software product that runs on any Magic Cap personal communicator. It enables the user to automatically and transparently establish and execute interaction over a standard telephone line with any information provider, computer bulletin board, Internet connected host or any other host system that accepts access from DEC VT100 or VT220 terminals. The Magic Connection Terminal Emulator makes the Magic Cap communicator appear to the host system as if it were on one of these terminals.

The user can select the communications parameters and the terminal for the communicator to emulate by touching the appropriate choices on a single, easy-to-use Configure screen. The user can also write a script to automate the host logon procedure and navigate screens, or use a simple telephone keypad to make the connection and then log on to the host using the Magic Cap on-screen keyboard. Magic Connection Terminal Emulator also provides the user with programmable program function keys.

Price: $119

Distribution: available directly from River Run (203) 861-0090


aha! InkWriter

aha! InkWriter for Magic Cap is the fastest, most convenient way to create faxes, notes, and messages on your Magic Cap communicator. With aha! InkWriter you can not only edit typed text, you can edit your own handwriting the same way you would with a word processor: insert, delete, cut and paste, italicize, bold - When handwritten words are deleted or moved, patent-pending SmartIink technology instantly reformats and word wraps the remaining paragraphs. InkWriter's scaling and Wrap-to-Fit capabilities mean you can immediately adjust the size of text and ink handwriting, and then automatically word wrap as appropriate. You can "write big, but read small." Write comfortably when you write, see more when you read and revise. InkWriter transforms your communicator into a handwriting word processor.

Price: $129.00

Distribution: Available from Sony (800) 571-SONY.



Lexicus QuickPrint is a ground-breaking new software package that makes using your communicator easier by providing a more natural alternative to the built-in keyboard. With QuickPrint, you write what you want - in your own handwriting - instead of typing. You teach QuickPrint to recognize your writing, character by character. The software then converts your written characters into neatly typed text. QuickPrint works anywhere you use the keyboard, including creating name cards, writing appointments and responding to electronic mail. The average user can teach Lexicus QuickPrint in 10-15 minutes. After teaching QuickPrint your handwriting, you can compose electronic mail messages, schedule appointments and jot memos in your own natural handwriting style.

Price: $79

Distribution: Available from Sony (800) 571-SONY or from Motorola (800) 934-4721.



Based on the revolutionary Xerox Corporation "Unistroke" technology, Scribe is a simple, incredibly fast, and accurate way to enter information into your Magic Cap communicator without using the keyboard. With an easy to learn set of strokes and a wonderfully intuitive interface, Scribe is a great solution to handwriting recognition for Magic Cap.

Price: $74.95



Compuserve Companion

Compuserve Companion obtains financial information, news, forums, weather, and other information sources accessed through CompuServe. Users can also send and retrieve Compuserve e-mail. Requests can be made on an immediate, scheduled, or repetitive basis.

Price: Free

Distribution: through Compuserve

Mobile Products
Mobile MLS

Mobile MLS transforms your personal communicator into a mobile real estate office. Mobile MLS enables real estate agents to selectively retrieve property listings and allows downloading of records for storage and use with personal communicators using the Magic Cap operating system. Property listings downloaded to a portable communicator can be retrieved, used, stored in an internal database or filed in a client's folder. The underlying technologies of Magic Cap and Telescript in the personal communicator use the power of intelligent software agents for personal information management and communication. Mobile MLS extends the reach of these technologies to meet the specific needs of real estate professionals.

When used with the built-in scheduling, contact management, information storage, mortgage finance and calculator functions, Mobile MLS on the Magic Link personal communicator becomes a completely portable, self-contained system for gathering, organizing and using real estate information.

Price: $999

Distribution: available from Mobile Products (800) 780-0674

Outfitters Direct

Outfitter's Direct is a Magic Cap package that lets you connect by modem to a server that sells Magic Cap software! You can find freeware and payware at the Outfitter's Direct site. This package isn't demoware, but a full version you can use to separate yourself from your money.

Price: Free

Distribution: or 800-989-1903



OAG FlightLine is an intuitive and powerful package that will enable frequent business travelers to obtain current travel information. The traveler sends a custom flight search request, specifying departure and destination cities, flight dates and desired times, and preferred class and carrier. Immediately, OAG returns ten unbiased up-to-the-minute direct flights and connections with fare information and seat availability. The traveler can then select the best flights which fit the specified itinerary, and fax or email this information directly to an assistant, travel department, or travel agency.

Price: bundled in Sony PIC 1000 and 2000

Distribution: (800) 556-2442

Sony New Technologies
Berlitz Speaking Translator

The Berlitz Speaking Translator turns your Magic Link communicator into a powerful six language phrase book with over 640 useful phrases in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese. Designed for both business and leisure international travelers, the Berlitz Speaking Translator capitalizes on the built-in audio capability of Magic Cap based Communicators. With the touch of a button you can hear any phrase pronounced by native speakers, or translate between any two of the languages.

Price: $69.95

Distribution: Available from Sony New Technologies (800) 739-7337.


Sony New Technologies
Magic Broker

Magic Broker (SM) is the portable, state-of-the-art online brokerage service from PC Financial Network on Sony's MagicLink personal intelligent communicator.

Price: Client software free. Call (800) TALK-PCF for commission schedule.

Distribution: Available from PC Financial Network. Call (800) TALK-PCF for information on everything from opening an account to getting the software.
PC Financial Network is a service of Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette Securities Corporation.


Sony New Technologies
Farcast Agent-based News Information Service

Farcast is an agent-based, personal news and information service that lets you browse and search news stories, industry-wide press releases and stock quotes 24-hours a day. No more endless surfing through story after story, page after page, hoping to find what you're after. Create agents that monitor the wire services for you. Customize your own newsletter. Get the latest news, financial reports and unlimited stock quotes. Track industry trends; find out what your competitors are up to. From AP/UPI to Hoover's Handbooks to NYSE/NASDAQ, Farcast covers it all sending stories and reports selected according to your criteria--not an editor's.

Price: free client software ($9.95 monthly subscription charge)

Distribution: Download it form the web or call (800) 571-SONY (floppy) or Outfitters Direct ( or 800-989-1903).



Magic Xchange for Windows and Mac

Magic Xchange helps you protect your information by enabling two way data transfer between your Windows PC and your Magic Cap Communicator. Translate data to or from popular PC software such as Lotus Organizer and Microsoft Schedule+ or handheld devices, such as Sharp Wizard. Magic Xchange also provides automated reconciliation when importing or exporting data. Install software, create full back-ups of your data, or back-up just one package to your PC.

Magic Xchange also lets you view and print data from your communicator through your PC and use your PC keyboard to enter text directly into your communicator.

Available on 3.5 diskettes. 9-pin serial connection cable included. Magic Xchange for Macintosh also available.

Price: SRP: $99.95

Distribution: Available from Sony (800) 571-SONY.


Magic Xchange Plus for Windows

Magic Xchange PLUS for Windows increases the value of Magic Xchange by enhancing the Import/Export capability. Magic Xchange PLUS adds translators for Personal Information Mangers, Contact Managers, Databases, Word Processors, and additional handheld devices.

Applications supported: ACT! for Windows, CaLANdar, Commence, dBASE, ECCO, Excel, PackRat, Paradox, Sidekick 2.0 for DOS, Windows Cardfile and Calendar, Word for Windows.

Available on 3.5 inch diskettes.

Price: SRP: $39.95

Distribution: Available from Sony (800) 571-SONY.


Pocket Quicken SmartWallet

Pocket Quicken, created specifically for today's busy professionals, enables customers to easily track their business and personal expenditures and keep an account of their daily cash-flow while on the go. It was designed from the bottom up for the personal communicator market. Pocket Quicken provides the same basic checking, credit card and cash account tracking as the best-selling Quicken personal finance software.

Distribution: bundled with Sony MagicLink PIC 1000

Pocket Quicken Connect

Quicken Connect allows users of Pocket Quicken Smartwallet to synchronize their information between the Magic Cap communicator and Quicken for Windows. Also available for $59.90 bundled with Quicken for Windows.

Price: $39.95

Distribution: (800) 243-4650

PenCell 2.0

Designed specifically for mobile use, PenCell's Magic Cap spreadsheet program delivers desktop quality spreadsheet functionality to Magic Cap Communicators. PenCell's Excel compatible format is appropriate for both business and personal use: for creating expense reports, recording sales figures, updating forecasts, calculating loan payments, and charting data. It is seamlessly integrated into the Magic Cap environment, providing remarkable ease of use. With PenCell, you can create new spreadsheets easily on your Magic Cap communicator, use or modify the pre-defined templates, or down load existing spreadsheets from your desktop. The award-winning PenCell spreadsheet includes a unique multiple level undo. Spreadsheets are saved directly in Excel file format for compatibility. PenCell's tight integration with the Magic Cap platform means that you have access to its broad set of communications features.

PenCell is bundled in ROM on the Sony MagicLink PIC-1000 and is available unbundled for the Motorola Envoy and the Sony MagicLink PIC-2000.
Price: $99.00

Distribution: Available Sony (800) 571-SONY.



GDT Softworks
Personal Print

Your Magic Cap personal communicator can now print to over 1,000 printers. GDT's Personal Print is a lightweight (6 oz/ 165 g) smart cable that is easy-to-use and convenient because the necessary printing software is built right into the cable. The Personal Print cable connects your communicator's Magic Bus port to a printer's Parallel port. Personal Print is simple to use - just plug it in and print! The printer drivers are automatically loaded into your communicator when you plug it in. Personal Print is perfect for printing out email messages, datebook and expense reports, or simply to keep hard copies of your important documents. Personal Print gives your the security of knowing you have everything you need to print anywhere in the world.

Price: $149

Distribution: Available from Outfitters Direct or directly from GDT Softworks at 800-663-6222.



CodeWarrior Gold

CodeWarrior Gold enables anyone to develop software for the Magic Cap platform. It includes a full editing environment with specialized commands to make development easier, a full class browser, compiler, linker, and debugger. One of the best features is the included Magic Cap simulator which facilitates a fast build cycle by allowing all development to occur on a Macintosh. Additionally, the product, which ships on CD, includes the technical documentation necessary to develop all types of software for Magic Cap. CodeWarrior Gold also supports Win95, NT Mac PPC, 68K and BE OS.

Price: $399

Distribution: or (512) 305-0400 or (800) 377-5416


Mobile Products
Data Agent for Magic Cap

DataAgent is a suite of tools that enables the very rapid development and deployment of Magic Cap applications which access information through Telescript. The DataAgent suite provides source code for Magic Cap applications that request and receive information through Telescript servers. The Telescript script for creating dynamically configured Telescript places is included, along with a simple configuration file.

DataAgent is of particular benefit to Service Providers because it allows them to quickly enrich both content and services to end-users. In addition, DataAgent makes it possible for Public Service Providers to carry private content over public networks with high levels of security.

DataAgent for Magic Cap provides all of the source code, configuration files, and compiled Telescript scripts for creating an end-to-end Magic Cap and Telescript solution for data access and retrieval.

Price: Development License - $6,000: Purchase of DataAgent for Magic Cap provides an unlimited license for development and deployment of one Dataplace.
Deployment License - $3,000: Each additional deployed DataPlace is an additional $3,000.

Distribution: available from Mobile Products (800) 780-0674

Software Partners

FreeStyle is a forms generator for Magic Cap application developers. FreeStyle lets you create new copies of forms on the fly, fill them in, and save the data on the Magic Cap personal communicator without requiring you to learn the Magic Cap development environment. Applications can be developed and deployed using FreeStyle in a fraction of the time it would take to develop them from the ground up.

Application developers can develop complex forms requiring data collection and viewing by simply dragging and dropping components from the large set available in Magic Cap and added by FreeStyle. Components include the simple data entry fields and the more complex lists and tables. Validation "coupons" allow application developers to add data verification and Magic Script enables further customization if needed. Data can be transferred into or out of FreeStyle in many of the popular formats including Lotus WKS, dBase IV, and ASCII comma separated value. Motorola's Envoy users now can deliver forms-based applications faster and without making a large investment in development resources.

Price: $129.95

Distribution: (415) 428-0160, ext. 200


Sony New Technologies
Spell Finder

Spell Finder for the Envoy from Sony New Technologies instantly checks for misspellings in any Magic Cap application, including Telecards, the Notebook, and the Datebook. With this simple-to-use 100,000-word spelling check system, communications will always look professional. The dictionary can be used to support word games. Spell Finder is built into the ROM of the Sony Magic Link.

Price: $49.95

Distribution: Available from Sony New Technologies (800) 739-7337.



MCSolitaire and MindBender

No game room on a Magic Cap communicator would be complete without MCSolitaire and Mindbender from Driftwood Systems, Inc.
MCSolitare, a rules-based Solitaire game, is available in two versions. The base version, MCSolitaire Klondike, has rules for Klondike, the most popular of all Solitaire games. The deluxe version comes with rules for five additional Solitaire games: Whitehead, Canfield, Storehouse, Golf and Strategy. The base package may be upgraded with the MCS Five Pack rule set at any time and additional rule sets will be available in the future for both versions. Players of MindBender work through three levels of mind bending pattern recognition. Whether you are taking a break from work or limbering up your mental muscles, MCSolitaire and MindBender put the fun in the functionality of your Magic Cap Communicator.

MCSolitaire and MindBender are delivered to customers' communicators electronically via America Online.

Distribution: America Online subscribers may order by calling (800) 863-2317.

Sony New Technologies
Magic Bag Game Pack

Magic Cap Game Pack makes the personal communicator an entertaining companion as well as an efficient assistant. In addition to Gammon, Match-It, Snail, Reversi, SubShop, and Tanagram, the Magic Bag Game Pack also contains four of the best freeware Magic Cap games, Lankmar Stomps, a demo of the Berlitz Speaking Translator, plus programming examples for those who are curious about Magic Cap.

Price: $39.95

Distribution: Available from Sony New Technologies (800) 739-7337.


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