Agentware - the lively and ongoing \"netwars\"
the lively and ongoing \

The lively and ongoing 'netwars'
When we look at the rhetoric of the incumbents in the battle over how much client and how much server, we see that it has defined the shape of computing for the last era of computing and distributed applications, but that was the last era. And it has tended to defocus us from what is really important and other approaches, which, while not cast in the mold of client server, are the real direction we should be looking in.

  • The Network is the Computer. - Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems (c. 1984)
  • The Network is a peripheral! Buy my stuff, put it on your desktop. - Bill Gates, Microsoft (c. anytime)
  • The Network is the Network; the Computer is the Computer. Sorry, I was mistaken. - Commonly circulated geek joke (c. 1992)
  • Where do you want to go today? - Microsoft (c. 1995)
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Agentware, a presentation by Dana Moore of AT&T.