Agentware - The map is the problem 5
The map is the problem 5

So that's been the picture up until Agentware. I would submit to you that the current state of tools is necessary but insufficient for the future.

Netscape is now driving an extraordinarily strong level of innovation.

And, from my vantage point in the computing industry and as a futurist, it's very clear to me that strong forces drive the market and that the web is an extremely strong one to ride. We've seen Netscape strategy of turning the browser into a platform come out in the last year.

Netscape articulated first and, I think, best the new paradigm idea. Furthermore, they established the absolute pricing strategy of free, just to make sure that there are no barriers to entry.

Java is a wonderful acknowledgment of many of the things we developers have wanted for a long time. and it has opened the door for engines, for interpreted languages, for a new kind of environment.

But these are only 2/3 of the technology base we need for the future. The final third is Agentware.
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Agentware, a presentation by Dana Moore of AT&T.