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This is an archive of several mailing lists related to General Magic's Magic Cap and Telescript technologies. To sign up for these lists, use the hyperlinks on each list's index page.

Magic Cap Discussion List

The discussion topics on the Magic Cap mailing list include hints and tips, questions, and other user-level Magic Cap information.

Telescript Discussion List

The Telescript mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of General Magic's Telescript technology, including the Tabriz AgentWare and Agent Tools products.

Magic Cap Developer's List

The Magic Cap Developer's mailing list is a forum for discussing topics related to developing for the Magic Cap platform. This list is developer's technical version of the above Magic Cap list.

Note that these lists are hosted by Brown University, and General Magic does not take responsibility for the contents of messages that appear on these lists. For more information on the management of these lists, please refer questions to the maintainers of each list.

Developing for Magic Cap and Telescript