Transform Your Passive Network into an Active Business Advantage.

Tabriz AgentWare for Your Web Site and Enterprise Networks.

If you're serious about gaining a competitive advantage through the Internet or maximizing the effectiveness of your corporate intranet, you can't afford to be passive. Take action against static networks with Tabriz AgentWare from General Magic. Powered by our innovative Telescript language, Tabriz AgentWare enables you to transform your passive networks into active resources that work hard for end users and for your business.

Let Agents Do the Grunt Work. Tabriz AgentWare allows Telescript "agents" or software processes to perform tasks proactively over the network. For example, Tabriz agents can mine Web sites for requested information, saving the user the drudgery of sorting through mountains of data manually; or they can be used on the corporate intranet to automatically move data between previously disparate, geographically isolated legacy systems and the client-server network.

The Advantage: Active, Persistent, Secure Agents. Tabriz AgentWare technology is truly unique in the industry because Tabriz agents are simultaneously active, persistent, and secure.

Active: Tabriz agents can travel anywhere on any type of network--interacting with other agents, gathering information, monitoring changes to that information, even automating transactions. And because Telescript is an object-oriented language, developers don't have to write low-level code to enable this unlimited mobility.

Persistent: With Tabriz AgentWare applications, your network can offer services continuously. Users can send a command and go on to do something else--fire and forget--because the user interaction is de-coupled from the task. If the network goes down, agents retain their instructions and the information they've located for the user--so when the network comes back up, they're right back on the job. Commerce continues. The search for information goes on. Automatically.

Secure: Equally important, Tabriz is inherently designed for security. Authentication, access control, privacy, and resource allocation features are built in, ensuring that each agent goes only where it is supposed to go and does only what it is supposed to do. Agents act only on the user's authority, and cannot be forged. At the same time, Tabriz enables users to quickly and easily specify permissions with fine granularity. For example, each employee's agents could be allowed access to his or her own file at Human Resources, while specified HR employees could be given access to multiple files, and agents from outside the company could be denied access completely.

Complements and Supports Java. Tabriz and Java are complementary. Tabriz agents can set parameters for Java applets, and Java applets can call Tabriz operations on the server. This interoperability allows developers to create solutions that leverage the power of the two languages: Java can be used to manage the user experience, while Tabriz AgentWare can manage transactions, instructions, events, and processes.

Active Technology for Active Imaginations. The applications for Tabriz AgentWare are as limitless as your imagination. Your development team can create Web applications that let users shop for the best airfare without searching through dozens of Web sites. Or continuously monitor their bank account balances without constantly logging onto the bank's server. Or match buyers and sellers without playing cyberspace phone tag.

And your corporate intranet can employ Tabriz AgentWare to automate tasks that previously required multiple steps and frequent user intervention. For example, you could use agents in your order entry system to automatically check inventory and update shipping. Or you could use agents to schedule meetings and automatically notify participants of the time and place.

It's All in One Box. Best of all, we've made it easy for developers to create these exciting next-generation applications quickly and efficiently. Tabriz includes a complete developer's tool suite with everything they need to create active, agent-based applications. Developers who write in C++ will be prepared to start developing active applications quickly. As they become experienced Telescript programmers, they'll be able to quickly create many more applications than they would developing similar applications with other languages.

Built for Bottom-Line Business Benefits. Tabriz AgentWare technology gets you past the era of passive networks. By making active, agent-based services available, your business can:

For businesses, these new capabilities translate into higher productivity for end users, enabling them to deploy applications that have a competitive edge that results in higher profitability.

Activate the Full Power of the Network.

Tabriz AgentWare unleashes the full potential of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and your corporate intranet. The product line includes the Telescript engine; all the components you need to host an application; management facilities to manage the server, subscribers, and applications; demo applications, and the Tabriz Agent Tools development environment.

Tabriz Features

Active agents
Tabriz agents provide unlimited mobility, enabling interactive processes.


Built-in security

Multithreaded process interaction model

Support for standard browsers

Compatible with any HTTP server

Multiple applications hosted per server

Easy to use

Intuitive, powerful administration and management


Multiple notification options

Object-oriented language with graphical development tools

Tabriz Web libraries
The developer's toolkit includes a full set of Web class libraries including:

System Requirements

  1. One of the following systems:
  2. A minimum of 32 MB RAM for Tabriz Agent Tools; a minimum of 64 MB RAM for Tabriz AgentWare.
  3. 200 MB free disk space for full installation of both Tabriz Agent Tools and Tabriz AgentWare, 105 MB for minimum Tabriz AgentWare installation.
  4. Perl version 5.0
  5. Color X terminal or a black-and-white X terminal supporting 256 shades of gray.
  6. For Tabriz Agent Tools, a text editor available to edit Telescript, C, and C++ source files and makefiles.
  7. C and C++, if you will be developing external processes using Tabriz Agent Tools.

It's Time to Take Action.

Network services are about to take a dramatic step forward. You have a choice: transform your passive networks into active resources, or fall behind. We urge you to take a proactive step toward a more productive future. Pick up the phone and call us at 1-408-774-4043 for more information about Tabriz AgentWare. Or visit the General Magic Web site at

Or better yet: have your agent call our agent.

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