Telescript Whitepapers

Telescript is the language used by General Magic's Tabriz software.

Telescript in 100 words or less

Telescript is an object-oriented, remote programming language. It is a platform that enables the creation of active, distributed network applications. There are three simple concepts to the language: agents, places and "go". Agents "go" to places, where they interact with other agents to get work done on a user's behalf. Agents are in fact mobile programs capable of transporting themselves from place to place in a Telescript network.

The language is implemented by the Telescript engine. The Telescript engine is a multitasking interpreter that integrates onto an operating system through a programming interface called the Telescript API. The Telescript engine is a server implementation.

Whitepapers (more than 100 words)

Safety and Security in Telescript is also available as a PDF document