Magic Cap Complete

The Magic Cap software from General Magic is designed to help you keep in touch by integrating electronic messaging, fax, telephone, paging, and other ways of communicating. The Magic Cap software is built into personal intelligent communicators manufactured by the world's leading consumer electronics and communication companies, such as the Sony Magic Link and the Motorola Envoy. There's also a version that runs on most personal computers.

The documentation that accompanies these communicators covers only a fraction of what the Magic Cap software can do. Magic Cap Complete is the official guide to all the details you need to use your communicator. You'll learn all the features, all the steps, and all the shortcuts for sending electronic messages, organizing your information, accessing on-line services, and more.

With Magic Cap Complete, you'll:
  • get an introduction to your communicator and get started exploring the Magic Cap software.
  • learn everything you need to know to use the Magic Cap software to communicate with the people in your life.
  • discover all the different ways that your communicator can help keep your life running smoothly.
  • find out how information is stored in your Magic Cap communicator and all the things you can do to protect that information.
  • discover the many ways that you can customize the Magic Cap software, making yours a truly personal communicator.
  • get updated information about the new features in Magic Cap Version 1.5, the latest version of the Magic Cap software.

With Magic Cap Complete, you'll become an expert with your Magic Cap communicator!

Published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. ISBN 0-201-48948-1

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