Upgrades for Magic Cap Related Software

Upgrades for Presto!Mail(tm) and Presto!Links(tm)

CHAP and SpryNet fixes (Presto!PPP v1.106)

This version (1.106) of the Presto!PPP package fixes a problem that the earlier release of Presto!Mail and Presto!Links had connecting to Internet Service Providers such as AT&T WorldNet that require CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol). It also contains a minor change to allow easier setup for SpryNet by making the default PPP script the SpryNet service connect script.

If you are upgrading from the earlier Presto release, you only need to replace the previous Presto!PPP package with the new package located here. The Presto!PPP previously distributed is marked with version 1.103, while the improved package is marked as version 1.106. This version is backward-compatible with previous versions.

This package completely replaces the previous package "3PrestoPPP".

Note: After you download this package, you'll need to do the following:

  1. If you are currently using Presto!Links, disconnect from your service provider.
  2. Go to the Storeroom.
  3. Pack up your current (the unpacked) Presto!PPP package.
  4. Throw that package away and empty the Trash by option-tapping the Trash.
  5. Unpack the new Presto!PPP package.

Download Bastille directly to your MagicLink or Envoy (104Kb)

Download Bastille to your Macintosh (SIT, 57Kb)

Download Bastille to your PC (ZIP, 46Kb)

Upgrades for all Magic Cap versions:


This upgrade removes all traces of AT&T PersonaLink from your system. Please read the following message carefully before downloading and installing this patch.

To All PersonaLink Customers,

As a result of our recent announcement to discontinue service, customers have asked for the ability to remove references to "AT&T" and "PersonaLink Services" that currently reside in the Magic Cap Operating System. To accommodate these request, General Magic has created a PersonaLink software patch called "Bastille". This patch will hide all references to AT&T PersonaLink including logos, AT&T Building and service features. The package size is 11K bytes and will be installed into your RAM memory ( a portion of your device Main Memory or Memory Card, depending on your device configuration).

NOTE: Removing the batteries from your communicator, and resetting your device to its original state or restoring from backup prior to this patch being installed, will remove this software patch causing AT&T PersonaLink Services to "reappear".


Tom Redmond

Director, AT&T PersonaLink Services

Download Bastille directly to your MagicLink or Envoy (9Kb)

Download Bastille to your Macintosh (SIT, 5Kb)

Download Bastille to your PC (ZIP, 4Kb)