Magic Cap

Magic Cap software from General Magic, Inc., is designed to help us keep in touch by integrating electronic mail, fax, telephone, paging, infrared beaming, and other methods of communicating. Magic Cap technology is built into personal communicators that are manufactured by the world's leading consumer electronics and communication companies. There's also a version of Magic Cap software for personal computers.

Magic Cap Communicators

The Magic Cap software runs in Personal Intelligent Communicators (PICs). This is where you can find out about them and also about peripherals and software available for Magic Cap PICs.

Magic Cap for Windows

Magic Cap for Windows brings the power of Magic Cap to your desktop.


There are some great books available on using and programming Magic Cap. This will tell you all about them.


Magic Cap is the best platform for communicating applications. If you haven't programmed for Magic Cap before, here is where you can find out how to get started. If you are already a Magic Cap programmer, go here for tools, code, and other developer resources.