Magic Cap for Windows

The easy way to send, receive, and organize all your electronic messages. Magic Cap for Windows lets you efficiently stay in touch with any contact anywhere in the world. It uniquely integrates personal organization tools, such as a Datebook and Name card file, to help you prepare, track, and follow up on important messages and activities.

Every feature found in Magic Cap for Windows is focused on communi-cation. When you set up a meeting in your Datebook, you can auto- matically send a message to the invitees. Have a great idea? You can sketch it out in the Notebook and mail the page to an associate. When you receive mail, you can file it automatically with any notes or related documents. Only Magic Cap offers you an integrated communication center for Windows.

Magic Cap means communication. With Magic Cap for Windows you can quickly and easily send electronic messages throughout the world. Electronic mail. Connect to anyone with an electronic mail address, including America Online, CompuServe, Internet, MCI Mail, and Prodigy. Faxes. Directly fax any person with a fax machine.

Smart communication capabilities automate the most routine tasks according to your predefined rules, while you focus on the most important activities of your business.

Smart envelopes. Address one message to different people at different services, fax machines, and pagers. Smart mailboxes. Collect and file mail automatically. Smart stamps. Stamp messages "high priority," "confidential," and more so your recipient's mailbox will handle them accordingly.

It's the intelligent way to send e-mail.

Multimedia messages. Use graphics, animation, sound, and handwriting to get your point across.

File attachments. Easily attach a document, spreadsheet, or any other file to a message.

Customized stationery. Use one of our four predefined choices, or create your own stationery using a company logo or personal touch.

It'll keep you organized. Magic Cap for Windows provides a unique variety of tools to help you prepare, track, and follow up on important messages.

Name card file. Keep track of people and organizations with any number of work and home addresses, phone numbers, pager numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Datebook. Schedule meetings, send invitations, and confirm appointments with the communicating Datebook.

File Cabinet. Sort, file, and organize messages, Notebook pages, and Windows documents, so they are easy to find.

Phone. Speed-dial, log calls, and bill calls to your credit card. Define location settings for work, home, or hotel, so you can easily move between them.

Magic Cap for Windows makes communication fast, easy, and fun!

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