Agentware - the (near) future
the (near) future
The (near) future == web is imbedded Ubiquitous Infosphere...
  • computers in the walls
  • information is 'in the air'
  • wearable computers

Further, it's critical for you as webmasters to understand that how people will experience you and the services you create is evolving rapidly.

I was at MIT Media Laboratory where Negroponte's folks are embedding a host of tiny computerized devices into everything from our eyeglasses to our jackets' shoulderpads. Lab members speak of instruments that--complete with sensors, microphones, and speakers as well as computers that network with one another by radio transmission--will receive and deliver all sorts of information with almost no effort on our part. These instruments will be "nimbly sprinkled" in useful locations. For example, those with speakers might be placed near our ears and those with mikes could be placed closer to our mouths. Other devices might be more sensibly placed beyond our bodies. Interfaces will all but disappear.

The critical lesson we can derive here is that the web we see before us today is not the same shape as it will exist in in five yrs, in ten yrs. We need to make choices not on the spur of the moment, but choices which have long legs to stride into the future with.

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Agentware, a presentation by Dana Moore of AT&T.