Agentware - Summary

Let's look back over the ground that we have covered.

We see that we'reo perating in a new landscape. That it's structure is incomplete. That it needs the cartography and structure offered by agentware.

Telescript has strategic importance for developers and for ISPs. A line of code isn't just a line of code anymore. Everything we write is a tactical weapon serving a strategic plan.

A line of code is too precious to waste. It has to count for something. Software is integral to everything we do in the web business, and therefore it offers us more leverage than anything else. We ought to use powerful software strategies for building a powerful future.

OK, we are going to leave here with some powerful ideas to work with. Ways to beat our rivals technically and in the market. What should your next steps be? Well, I submit to you that your best allies are right herein this room. The good news I share with you is that they are eager to work with you; to provide you with the tools for the next millennium; to share in your success.

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Agentware, a presentation by Dana Moore of AT&T.