Agentware - A New Cartography
A New Cartography

At any rate, It is the consideration of this problem that led me to think about some of the difficulties imposed by 'living in the net.' Especially the time demands the net, as it currently exists, seems to make. It is the thoughtful consideration of networking solutions over a decade or more of searching for real solutions, as opposed to those imposed by the 'in-the-box' client/server model which led me directly to Telescript, and finally which leads me to this presentation which I call Agentware: a new Cartography.

Why Cartography? well because if we are in a new landscape as I suggest, then how good are the maps? how easy is it to make a purposeful trip across this landscape? How easy to do commerce -- is it more like New York City or the wild west?

The physical universe can be mapped
In contrast, Cyberspace (the web in particular) has a cartography built on the notion of related ideas and of associative links. To see why this has to be its shape, we need only look at the co-evolution of the information age and Cyberspace.

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Agentware, a presentation by Dana Moore of AT&T.