General Magic University Classes

Magic Cap Programming

Work through hands-on programming exercises to learn the secrets of Magic Cap, its debugging tools, and the Magic Developer environment. Construct a complete Magic Cap game package

Detailed course description.

Prerequisites: C and object-oriented programming proficiency required. Macintosh experience recommended

Advanced Magic Cap Programming

Tackle the tough questions package developers face: memory management, debugging, installation, performance tuning, patching and system indexicals, package inter-operability, and future compatibility. Prepare for the future of Magic Cap development!

Detailed course description.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of GMU's Magic Cap Programming

Tabriz Active Web Tools (Coming Soon!)

This is a self-paced course which teaches both the fundamentals of Telescript programming and how to build applications using the Tabriz Active Web Tools. The course will be shipped in electronic format, as 11 written lessons with detailed programming excercises. The course is expected to be completed in one to two weeks.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with C, C++, PERL, or Visual BASIC as well as experience with creating simple web pages. Programming assignments require a system capable of running the Tabriz Active Web Tools and its development environment.

Telescript Programming

Learn to write Telescript programs, using the predefined classes and defining new classes. Hands-on programming exercises provide practice with the Telescript development tools

Prerequisites: Programming experience required. Familiarity with UNIX and object-oriented programming recommended

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