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Last Revised: 4/22/1996

What's here

General Magic has created a set of technical books that document Telescript and related subjects. This page describes those books.

Introduction to Safety and Security in Telescript

This document provides an introduction to Telescript's safety and security features. As is true of any security mechanism, Telescript's are only effective if properly used. A number of examples of their use are provided.

TDE User Guide

See this manual for a description of the TDE. This document includes a walk through the TDE using the "movie" sample application.

Telescript Programming Guide

This manual presents the basics of writing a Telescript application.

Telescript Reference Manual

This manual describes the syntax and mechanisms of the Telescript language. It introduces programmers to the Telescript language.

Telescript Language Reference

This manual describes the classes built into the Telescript language. It also specifies the syntax and conventions of the Telescript language.

TDE Developer Libraries Reference

This manual describes class libraries developed to support developers creating Telescript applications.