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Last Revised: 7/22/1996

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This page is dedicated to providing up to date information, documentation, and tools for Telescript developers. Send comments and suggestions to pete helme.

Updated Session & Translation libraries for Tabriz 1.0

Last Updated: 7/22/1996
Archive size: 1.3 MB

This is an updated set of the external libraries for the Tabriz 1.0 Tools (libio.a, libsession.a, libtstrans.a, libui.a, libutil.a). Unpack the files with gzip and tar, then move all the files to $TDE/lib.

BIG MONDO WARNING: These libraries have not undergone any kind of serious testing! We are providing these so you will have something to use until a newer AWT release comes out. Please use at your own risk!

CERN httpd server library for the AWT

Last Updated: 4/22/1996
Archive size(s): approx. 1.1 MB

For some applications you build with the AWT you may need to link against the CERN httpd library. For those of you who don't have the whole CERN 3.0 release we're providing the built libraries here for you. You will need to unzip the file, rename it to "libwww.a" and place it in $WDK/CERN/Library/[platform] or some other place in your link path.

For more info on CERN's WWW server see:

SOCKS4 package for the AWT

Last Updated: 4/17/1996
Archive size: 230K

Since some of you have requested the SOCKS library, we are providing it here for you. This is the NEC SOCKS 4.2 release package. You will need to unzip & untar the file and then build the SOCKS library with your standard toolset. For more info on SOCKS and what it is see