Tabriz Patches

The following patches and patch tools are available for Tabriz. Please read the instructions below for information on how to install patches for Tabriz products.

Patch Number Patch Date Size Platform Description
0 08/03/96 10kb ALL Patch installer program.
1 08/03/96 16.9MB ALL Documentation updates and additions in HTML and Acrobat (PDF) format.
2 09/03/96 16.0MB
  • Tstoweb capacity increases
  • The addition of GNUmake
  • Corrections for the debugger disconnect problems listed in the release notes
  • Expanded support for Multi-engine regions

    Caution: Shut down both the TDE and the cloud before applying this patch.

  • 3 09/03/96 1.1MB
    SPARC Platform specific compiler compatibility problem fix.

    Note: Requires patch #2.

    Instructions for Users

    1. Download the tabriz_patch program. Install it wherever you like. Make it an executable file if it isn't already.

      If you are using Netscape (or other WWW browser), it may display the patch program as text, since this is a script file. If so, simply save this text to disk and make the file executable.

      Note that you only have to do step 1 once; you can reuse the same tabriz_patch program to install all current or future Tabriz patches.

    2. Download the desired patch file(s), putting them wherever you like.

    3. For each patch you want to install, execute the command
      tabriz_patch <patchfile>
      E.g., if you've downloaded a patch called patch1.tar.Z, you would say
      tabriz_patch patch1.tar.Z


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