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Magic Internet Kit!

Downloading the Kit

The Magic Internet Kit is freely available for downloading from this web page and is also included with the Metrowerks CodeWarrior Gold 10 development environment. The kit is an addition to the MPW-based Magic Cap development tools included with CodeWarrior. To find out more about these tools visit the Magic Cap Development Overview web pages.

Download the Kit

Last updated: 9/8/1996, version 4.0
Archive size: 665K (stuffed and binhexed)

This is the full Magic Internet Kit archive for use with the Macintosh MPW-based Magic Cap development environment. You can also download a zipped copy of the Kit which does not include the TCP libraries. This archive is for PC users that would like to look at the source code, but don't yet have a Macintosh available for making full use of the Kit.

Pre-built versions of CujoTerm

This is a ready-to-run copy of CujoTerm, the ultra-basic yet popular terminal program that is included as source code in the Kit. This version of CujoTerm includes support for serial modem (built-in and external) and MagicBus port use as well as TCP/IP with DNS over PPP (built-in and external modems). Note that CujoTerm is a sample application and not a formally supported end-user product of General Magic.

Macintosh MagicXchange version (stuffed and binhexed) (47K)

PC MagicXchange version (zipped) (34K)

UUEncoded version (104K)

CujoChat: Internet Relay Chat for Magic Cap!

CujoChat is a nifty Internet chat package that was built with the Magic Internet Kit. You can download CujoChat for free and also read all of its documentation online.

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