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General Magic Unveils Magic Cap for Windows 95

Expanding Its Reach Into the Consumer Software Mass-market With Easy-to-use Software

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Oct. 7, 1996 -- General Magic today unveiled Magic Cap(tm) for Windows(tm) 95, a comprehensive communications tool, combining easy-to-use e-mail, faxing and Internet access with a simple personal organizer and address book. Developed to meet the electronic communication needs of the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) user, Magic Cap for Windows 95 is an intuitive solution that integrates the most popular communications tools with a user-friendly desktop interface.

According to an IDC/Link survey, 60 percent of the SOHO market considers themselves to be somewhat or not at all knowledgeable about technology. Furthermore, only 28 percent of SOHO business people use e-mail or an on-line service. "This is a major innovation in small business software. With Magic Cap for Windows 95, SOHO users can embrace the Internet and organize their business lives," said General Magic Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Steve Markman. "Magic Cap for Windows 95 is designed to give them all the power and none of the headache of previous communications tools."

A Legacy of Powerful, Simple Software from General Magic

Building on the Magic Cap platform used by both Sony and Motorola's Personal Internet Communicators (PIC), the software is now available for the growing millions of Windows 95 users. Using a desktop interface similar to the PIC version, Magic Cap for Windows 95 is a simple but powerful communications tool ideal for the SOHO market. Even though many SOHO users have Internet access, use e-mail, send faxes, and even use personal organizers, the reality is that few are using them to their full potential, much less integrating them. Instead, they opt for slow and expensive communications options such as overnight mail and courier services. Today's SOHO users simply don't have the spare time to solve the technical complexity involved in most computer software. Software distributors have recognized this problem, and have immediately begun to offer Magic Cap for Windows 95 (see related announcement on channel support.)

The Solution for Persistent SOHO Productivity Problems

Magic Cap for Windows 95 gives a new choice to SOHO users who need both power and simplicity for their software. No longer will the small business person have to worry about such hassles as choosing between multiple applications for e-mail and fax, merging e-mail addresses into their personal organizer, or any of the other common concerns SOHO users face with their communications tools. "We're proud to launch this product at the beginning of Home-Based Business Week to recognize the SOHO entrepreneurs who have become the muscle of the American economy. Magic Cap is expected to give SOHO users an excellent tool to compete in the world economy against large corporations with in-house technical staffs at their disposal," said Markman.

E-mail for the Rest of Us

To communicate with Magic Cap for Windows 95, users do what comes naturally -- Magic Cap is a virtual version of the things business people already have on their desks (except for the piles of paper!) To send someone a message, users highlight their names in their address listing, type the message, and click "Send." Sending and receiving e-mail to or from anyone with an Internet Service Provider or America On-line account becomes easy. Sending faxes to anyone with a fax machine or fax modem, and sending pages to recipients who use SkyTel paging is also simplified. And to attach a file to an e-mail, just drag and drop the file onto your outgoing message and it's ready to go -- there are no obscure instructions to follow.

An Abundance of Features

Users are one click away from the World Wide Web with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 software, which comes bundled with Magic Cap. The "Getting Started" tutorial makes installation easier; and Magic Cap is pre-configured for most major on-line services. Users make "Name Cards" which allow them to keep track of their contacts' postal, phone, fax, and e-mail addresses and numbers for all their contacts. And users can save time by having Magic Cap automatically create new Name Cards for new e-mail correspondents. The "Datebook" can be tapped to generate meetings -- and if the user is invited to a meeting by someone else using Magic Cap, they can accept or decline, and the datebook will automatically update their schedule. A "Filing Cabinet" will automatically sort and store users' e-mail.

...And Add a Dash of Spice

Beyond bringing together these common functions in one easy-to-use program, Magic Cap goes a step further. Users can add multimedia impact for other Magic Cap users in several ways. Users choose the format of the outgoing letter, stamp it with important messages like "Urgent" and "Priority" or lighten up the presentation by adding a graphic or animation. Magic Cap users can even drive home their points with voice recordings.

Hardware Requirements

Magic Cap for Windows 95 requires a 486/33 or higher microprocessor (IBM-compatible), 8 MB of Random Access Memory, 10 MB of Hard Disk storage for the program, a 14400 or higher speed modem, and the Windows 95 Operating System. The product is available through retail distribution at leading computer stores for an estimated retail price of $49. Users can also try Magic Cap for Windows free for 30 days by either downloading a trial version from the company's web site or by calling 888/239-4824 for a trial CD-ROM.

General Magic, Inc., was founded in 1990 and provides engaging, active Internet software for business professionals, developers, device manufacturers, service providers and enterprises. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., the company has offices in Columbia, South Carolina, Paris and Tokyo. For more information on the company and its products, visit General Magic's Web site.

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